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Solo Lucci Is Claiming Alexis Skyy’s Baby Is His Not Fetty Wap’s

Is fetty wap the dad of alexis sky baby


Well this is a change of pace. An Atlanta rapper named Solo Lucci is claiming that he IS the father. He says Alexis Skyy, the beauty from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, is lying and saying that Fetty Wap is the father of her baby when really he is the dad. She says she wasn’t with him months before she got pregnant and that he only wants to claim the baby for clout. In a social media back and forth, Alexis says she offered him a DNA test but he only wants to do it for a Love & Hip Hop story line. Check it out.

alexis skyy says fetty wap is the dad alexis skyy says fetty wap is dad


Here’s Solo Lucci’s response to Alexis Skyy’s post.