Soulja Boy Accused of Kidnapping

A woman named Kaya has gone to police to claim that Soulja Boy attacked her while she was a guest at his home. She is accusing the rapper of beating her and tying her to a chair in his garage for 6 hours. Police are investigating the battery and kidnapping claims meanwhile Soulja Boy and his team deny these accusations.

Soulja says he was dating Kaya but after ending their relationship she became irate and Friday night she came to his home uninvited and drunk. After crashing her car onto the curb of his driveway, Soulja’s manager came out of the house and got into a fight with Kaya. Soulja’s manager says he never even came out of the home.

Police are still sorting through the details of this messy situation. Soulja Boy doesn’t seem to be stressing it too much. He was spotted out in LA with a brand new Rolls Royce.