Spinderella Sues Salt-N-Pepa Saying They Owe Her Millions

DJ spinderella suing salt-n-pepa

We reported that recently DJ Spinderella, an original member of the Salt-N-Pepa group was asked not to join them on tour but things are apparently much worse than just that. Spinderella says she’s been cut out of many deals through the years. Spinderella says in 1999, she was promised 1/3 of royalties from the group’s Best Of album to total $125k but says she never saw a dime of it. She was also left out of the deal with VH1 for a reality TV show. Although she appeared on a few episodes and was later promised a third of the fee she says again Salt-N-Pepa never paid up.

In today’s market, legacy artists like Salt-N-Pepa can earn big on digital sales. According to the authority SoundExchange, the “Push It” group earned $600K in royalties over the last ten years and again Spinderella says she hasn’t seen any of these payments. She is suing for trademark infringement, breach of contract and fraud.