Swae Lee Goes Off on Joe Budden

Swae Lee made a video responding to negative comments Joe Budden made on his podcast. Budden called Lee “lazy” saying his new song “Won’t Be Late”  featuring Drake,  was unoriginal and way too similar to Swae’s “Unforgettable” song with French Montana. He went on to say, “[…] If there’s two people that know that we don’t any anymore Afrobeats from them, it’s [Swae and Drake].”

Lee says he understands it’s Budden’s job to speak about the industry but threw the criticsm back at Budden for not dropping any music in a decade.

Everyone has an opinion …unfortunately every opinion isn’t credible ,and some just don’t hold any weight , don’t let someone’s small minded opinion influence yours

Check out more of his commentary below.

Here’s the song Joe Buden was dissing.