T.I. Claims King of Atlanta Throne And Gives Tips For Super Bowl Weekend

T.I. wants everyone to have a great time during Super Bowl weekend in his hometown of Atlanta but there are few things you should know. First off he wants to be clear that he is the King of Atlanta. He posted this photo with Ludacris and Young Jeezy with the note, “Be Clear…. these faces along with a host of others (that look like US) laid the foundation for the infrastructure/artistic ecosystem you now know as Atlanta. THIS OUR SH*T & WE RUN THIS CITY!!!! Don’t get it FU*K’d UP!!! We’ll adjust the temperature to make it as HOT or COLD as we see fit. If we ain’t wit it… it ain’t SH*T!!!! Sincerely – King ?”

t.I. says these are the faces that built Atlanta


He also posted a list of friendly tips if you will be in Atlanta this weekend for the big game.


T.I. rules for super bowl weekend