T- Pain was the latest guest on Complex’s Every Day Struggle and told a revealing store about Lil Kim. T-Pain, DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden were discussing Remy Ma‘s new song with Lil Kim and how both ladies are tough chicks. T-Pain recalled, “Yeah Kim pulled up on me. Kim pulled up on me. I was doing one of the Summer Jams. I had just dropped my album ‘3 Rings’ and I didn’t think about it, I wasn’t dissing nobody, I wasn’t dissing her. In one of my bars of my intro I said my style change up like Lil Kim face, and she pulled up like yo we got a problem. I’m like what are you talking bout. She’s like you talking about my face in sh-t. I’m like in what? Cause you know, it’s just the intro to my f-cking album. Yeah I forgot the sh-t. I’m like oh no baby. Please.” 

Watch the store at about the 12 min mark below.




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