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Say Goodbye To The Bad Guy – Tekashi 6ix9ine Pleads GUILTY To 9 Counts!

Tekashi 6ix9ine pleads guilty to Drugs, Guns and Racketeering


Tekashi 6ix9ine had a meteoric rise and a spectacular fall. 6ix9ine’s story is finally coming to a close or at the very least, this chapter is ending.  It’s being reported via TMZ that the rainbow haired rapper has plead guilty to 9 counts. He plead guilty to multiple counts of racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking.   He also revealed a lot more as you can read below:


“In court, he says he joined the Nine Trey Bloods in the fall of 2017 and in March 20, 2018 … he admits helping members of the gang attempt to kill a rival to “increase my own standing in Nine Trey.” Then on April 3, he says he, and other members, robbed a rival at gunpoint.

He got into the Chief Keef shooting … saying in court, “I paid a person to shoot at a rival member of Nine Trey to scare him. The shooting took place in Manhattan. I did this to maintain or increase my own standing in Nine Trey.” He admits knowing a fellow gang member was the trigger man.

Tekashi also admitted to selling a kilo of heroin in 2017 — and offered an apology for all his crimes, saying … “I apologize to the Court, to anyone who was hurt, to my family, friends and fans for what I have done and who I have let down.”


Tekashi’s sentencing is slated for  January 24, 2020. At that time the rapper could potentially face  a minimum of 47 years unless the FEDs request leniency for his cooperation. Regardless, the kid will be going away for some time.