That Dancing Backpack Kid Dropped A Hip Hop Song


Remember that kid who went viral because of his spastic dance moves? Well, he’s a rapper/singer now (isn’t everybody). The Backpack Kid a/k/a Russle Horning just dropped a track featuring Swaghollywood called ‘Drip on Boat. ‘ So far the tracks been viewed 30,000 times because TMZ gave it their hip hop stamp of approval (ಠ_ಠ). It currently has 10k thumbs up and 700 thumbs down which means very little because of the way you can manipulate views on Youtube. We will put the video down below and let you decide if it’s Hot or Hot Garbage.



On a side note the kid is also suing the makers of Fortnite (like a bunch of other people) for allegedly stealing his dance moves.  The Kid is pursuing the lawsuit because his mom and manager feel Fortnite is taking advantage of him, and he’s going to let the grown-ups handle the legal process. What the hell is going on out here folks.