The Game Cancels Canada Show To Protest Wrongful Death

The Game is standing up for a young Canadian man whose death could have been prevented. About a month ago 20 year-old  Mohamed Abdi was overserved at a show at The Ranch Roadhouse and then kicked out of the venue. He was found the next morning hiding under a truck frozen to death. He was disoriented and was attempting to take shelter from the freezing temperatures. The Game said the incident was, “negligent & heartless behavior by security & staff who did not follow “Pro-Serve” (serving alcohol) policies.”

The Game Honors Mohamed Abdi

The rapper has canceled his performance in Edmonton saying, “I’ve always been an artist that has deeply been appreciative to all of my fans worldwide & will always be indebted to you all for helping me secure my future as well as my legacy. With that being said, I stand in full support of my Edmonton fans & their petition & here as stated above, forfeit the money that was given & hereby withdraw myself from my performance at that venue. I made my decision without talking to my team which I will do this morning in hopes to secure another venue for the Edmonton show. If I cannot, then we will all have to sacrifice that night in Mohamed “Mo” Munye Abdi’s name as well as Tyler Emes who died a year before due to the same heartless negligent venue & its staff.”

This is The Game’s first tour in Canada in over 13 years since the country wouldn’t allow him a visa because of his criminal history.