The Game Shares Video Footage Of Attempted Home Robbery, Plans To Handle It Himself

The Game released surveillance footage of a group of men scoping out his home in an attempt to rob it. The thieves knew that The Game would be at BET Experience event so they timed their robbery while he was away. The suspects were thwarted by his security system and attack dogs that were ready and waiting inside. Check out the footage below.

The game posted the security camera footage with a caption saying he recognizes some of the people and he’s going to take matters into his own hands. “These niggas was on the ground checking the windows & doors for sensors & once they saw house was secure, & my 2 Rottweilers were in the crib they aborted mission. The 1st nigga walk look hella familiar & I’m on it !!! The second nigga got a @andreberto’s clothing line “Harvest” hoodie on… (Berto my nigga so it got nothing to do with him) but I’m on that too !!! Y’all idiots really three deep wit one baby ass flash light ??? What y’all gone do, flash my dogs to death ?? They also covered their faces with their hands & towels (they were going to use to break glass) as they walked past all of the cameras….. What they didn’t realize wit they dumb ass is the neighbors got cameras too & where they parked they car the plate was visible…. No need to call police, we gone see how you like niggas in all black at yo crib.”