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Top 20 Earning Hip Hop Acts of 2017 Are…

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Forbes magazine revealed Hip-hop’s top 20 acts who earned a grand total of $619.5 million this year, up 38% from last year’s $448.5 million total.  Hip Hop is the most popular genre in terms of consumption, accounting for a quarter of all digital spins. See all the artists that made the list below.

20. Lil Yachty

Yachty’s style of bubble gum rap is a hot ticket. He is the youngest member on this top 20 earners list for 2017 with $11 million at only 20 years old. Endorsements for Naturica, Sprite and Target plus over 100 live performances this year have him cashing checks.

18. and 19. Rick Ross and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

These two very different hip hop acts tied for 19th places both earning $11.5 million in 2017. Ross earns tons from heading his Maybach Music Group  and Wingstop franchise as well as endorsing Checkers. Although Macklemore just released a new solo album, his partnership with DJ Ryan Lewis brought in a ton of cash for the 50 shows they did this year.

17. Lil Wayne


Despite his health scares, Lil Wayne performed over 50 shows in 2017 and his endorsements for Samsung helped earn him $15.5 million in 12 months.

16. Nicki Minaj

Despite not releasing a new album, Nicki earned $16 million this year. She’s been featured on tons of hit songs and is a spokes person for MAC, Myx Moscato and T Mobile.

15. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has traded music for a lifestyle brand.  His role on Martha and Snoop’s Pot Luck Dinner and his cannabis brand Merry Jane earned him $16.5 million.