Top 6 Classic Hip-Hop Songs About Love And Dating

Love and Dating In Hip Hop


Dating has come such a long way thanks to the internet. Before the advent of the internet, we had limited dating options and just a select few partners to choose from. Thanks to online dating the scenario has changed completely.  There is a wealth of dating options and they cater to all types of dating. Join a first-rate online date site like this and you can choose from a wide variety of partners based on compatibility and other preferences includinng their taste in music.

Speaking of romance hip hop has been an integral part of love and dating for a long while and there are some epic love songs that have been about finding love and are among the rarer hip hop love ballads to come by.

Some such classic love hip hop songs that have been megahits include:

Put It on Me (Ja Rule):

There was a time when Ja Rule rocked the hip hop love scene with his thug love ballads.  His rough delivery style combined with his macho image made him a hip hop star to reckon with especially the single ‘Put It on Me” released in 2000. The catchy lyrics were derived from an actual argument between his wife and him, and the song perfectly demonstrates the love he felt for her. An added bonus was the impressive background chorus that took the song to another level. It was his first number to feature among the top ten of Billboard’s 100 hottest songs and remains a true hip hop love classic until today.

Bonita Applebum (1990):

A genuine classic by A Tribe Called Quest is a very catchy pickup song that remains a favourite with hip hop romantics. Rapper Q-Tip belts out the number with a clear intention of getting sex. While the lyrics are vulgar, Q-Tip seduces Bonita with his humour and wordplay and showering compliments on her eyes and her derriere. Hip hop lore has it that the song was based on a classmate of the group. Whatever be the truth the song has earned its stripes to be a hip hop romantic classic.

Teenage Love:

The song that catapulted Slick Rick to stardom and made him one of hip hop’s love gurus was “Teenage Love”, part of his 1988 album “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick”. It perfectly captures the various emotions felt by teens when they are head over heels in love and expresses every nuance of the feeling in an authentic and convincing manner. While the song progresses the refrain ‘don’t hurt me again’ gets emphasized. It shows how the blissful relationship unravels with cheating on a partner undoing the relationship. The lesson Rick conveys is when things do not work in love, remain firm and remember there is that special person out there to find.

Dilemma (Nelly):

Part of the rapper’s 2002 album Nellyville, the hit song Nelly earned the artists a Grammy, while also topping the Billboard charts across the world. It talks about forbidden love with the female character in a committed relationship, which leaves her in a dilemma whether to give in to lust or just remain friends. To date it remains one of the biggest hits of Nelly.

Best I Ever had (Drake):

The mixtape that turned Drake into an overnight hip hop sensation was ‘So Far Gone’ that even got him being nominated for a Grammy. All of this while he was not even signed up with any major record label! The song that stood out without a doubt was ‘Best I Ever Had’ that pulls the heartstrings and make you remember that someone special in your life. While the song was rather racy than the others nominated it certainly struck a chord with his fan following. It has remained a Valentine classic and while Drake has spawned other love ballads like Hold on We’re Going Home’ and ‘Find Your Love” the one song that always will remain a perennial favourite with Drake fans is the one and only – Best I Ever Had!

21 Questions (50 Cent):

If anyone personifies the thug look with an equally colourful personal history it has to be 50 Cent. Despite producer, Dr Dre’s reluctance, 50 Cent went with his instincts and released 21 Questions off his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin. With heartfelt lyrics, 50 Cent shows a sappy side that is quite in contrast to his thug from the hood image. It caught on with the fans and became his second number-one song on the Billboard Hot 100!

These are just a select few of hip hop love classics that stir up love and passion and make us want to be with that someone special every time we hear these romantic hip hop staples.