Trina Defends Nicki Minaj In Drama Over “BAPS” Video

Trina Blames band business not Nicki Minaj for lack of BAPs promo and video

An A&R rep called out Nicki Minaj for not promoting her song with Trina “BAPS” and not shooting a video but then hopping on a song and video with Megan Thee Stallion really quickly. Trina’s label exec Reginald Saunders said ” I can’t get over how fake people can be for a lil fame, likes and followers” and called Minaj a “deceiver and manipulator.”

Tina has now offered her comments on the situation saying Saunders had no place making a statement on the song/video. Trina explains, “I didn’t pay for any feature on the album. They are all favors… I’m not hear for the blame game, I’m going to take full responsibility.” Watch her statement below.