Troy Ave Really Wants You To Understand “The Street Code” Is A Myth!


Troy Ave sat down with The Daily News to set the record straight on his views about his upcoming trial and the street code. The Brooklyn MC’s upcoming trial over the Irving Plaza shooting is fast approaching. Troy wants to clear the air and let the world know “The streets are a myth”


In an interview with Daily News reporter Brian Niemietz, Troy expounded on his views regarding his case.

“I didn’t tell everything that happened, I held up to the street code like an idiot,” Troy Ave claimed. “If I’d said in the hospital, ‘here’s what happened, here’s who shot me,’ (the case against him would) be over.”


“You come from the ‘hood and you get a ‘hood mentality of things that don’t matter in real life,” he said. “They say ‘don’t talk to the cops.’ Alright, but if someone breaks into your house, you’re calling the cops. It’s a fact. You’re at a handicap. It’s usually unsuccessful people who will tell you that and you can’t take the advice of unsuccessful people if you want to become successful. Its all about perspective. People who have nothing to lose will tell you to do this, do that, do this that way — and you think wait a minute, (those advisors don’t) have s—t.”


Troy Ave also discussed his confidence in beating the charges saying:

“If I was guilty I’d be scared as s—t. I’d have all the fear in the world, like ‘I’m caught! Now I need to make up lies to get out of this,’” the rapper said. “I told my lawyer, when he came to see me in the hospital, we don’t have to do anything but tell the truth. The truth gets us out of this.”


 The comments on Troy Ave’s social media posts seem split between those slandering him and assuming he’s going to snitch and others applauding him for doing the right thing.  What do you think about Troy’s move away from ignorance and towards common sense?


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