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Tyga Being Sued For $2 Million By Former Business Partner!

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Tyga Sued


Is it us or does Tyga seem to have a new financial issue every 3-4 months? TMZ is currently reporting that the rapper’s former business partner is suing for $2 million. They are reporting the following:

The biz partner, Chuon Guen Lee, was already awarded the millions in a lawsuit he filed against Tyga, but — plot twist — he can’t get a dime out of the rapper. According to new docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyga’s set up several new companies he’s using to hide his profits from the t-shirt biz.

Here is the astounding thing to us; Lee says that Tyga is hauling in  about $450k per month and hiding the funds in shell companies. Who the f*** is buying that much Last Kings?!? More power to homeboy though. We can’t hate his hustle, we will leave that to his former business associate.