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Wacka Flocka Threatens To Slap Pete Rock. Find Out Why.


Pete Rock and Wacka Flocka are debating the old school vs new school’s contributions to hip hop. The beef began with Wacka said, “That’s not our generation’s fault. That’s the older generation’s fault for not informing us and keeping us up to date. So it’s a lot of shit I be seeing the older generation saying like, ‘This ain’t Hip Hop. Y’all niggas killing Hip Hop.’ But y’all niggas ain’t save it.”

Check out more of his comments at about the 5 min mark.

Waka Flocka Speaks on Issue W/ Gucci Mane ; A Boogie Jumping Lil B ; Flockaveli 2

Pete Rock had a lot to say in response to Flocka’s criticism saying,“Im gonna defend my older heads and tell you your not equal. Be as disrespectful as you want. Your not doing what we did,havent accomplished what we accomplished. Our generation didnt experiment with pills or syrup or anything synthetic. Its already written in history. Rock n Roll hall of fame,hip hop hall of fame and museums. Where are you at in any of that? The problem is yall never had respect from the jump. WE ARE THE REASON YOUR WHO YOU ARE AND DO WHATEVER IT IS YOUR DOING! Pay homage to who was before you. Problem is also yall want us to accept music that dont move nothing but the young,when you making music its to inspire everyone not just your era. Only time my pockets on pause is when im streaming yall album. I listen to it and made a decision not to buy yo shit cuz in my opinion being a music maker,there is no substance to the music or lyrics so dont get mad cuz you not cut from the cloth of hip hop pioneers. Lets see how long you can last in this business doing what you.”

Wacka didn’t like this and responded with, “Damn P this post was lame and uncalled for. I should slap the shit outta you.”