We Dig In To The History Of The Most Infamous Website In Urban Culture – Worldstarhiphop

WorldstarHipHop: A Look At Its Infamous History



What is Worldstarhiphop?


Worldstarhiphop is a popular video sharing website much like It provides a collection of videos  that target and urban audience featuring music videos, comedy videos,  erotic content, and violent videos – really violent videos. This is what has made website one of the most infamous sites on the web.


You might think that because  WorldstarHipHop features violent content, it would probably not be accepted by the masses. But its status and visitor count speaks to a vastly different story. As of September 18, 2017, has 2.2 million DAILY views and  estimated daily revenue of around $6,581 USD. That’s what we call a low ball guesstimate because they have other streams of revenue that can’t easily be tracked.


The success however of WorldstarHipHop is partially attributed to its videos solicited from its own viewers which mostly contain violent and sexual content.


WorldstarHipHop in many ways is a truly interesting case study.  This article will cover WorldstarHipHop on how it has risen to prominence. From a single person with a simple idea who would go on to create this huge web footprint. We  will detail the ups and downs of the site on the following pages.


Humble Beginnings

The founder of WorldstarHipHop is a man from Hollis, Queens, named Lee O’Denat better known as “Q”.  Q was a high school dropout and doesn’t have any traditional technical or business background. Unlike the status quo for most businesses, where a lot of people are usually involved, Q started his business alone.


Despite having little to no education on how to run an online business, Q was very passionate about it. He said in an interview that he learned it all by himself. What he possessed was a drive to create a company of his own. Little did he know that his simple idea would spawn an Internet phenomenon.


The WorldstarHipHop website was originally called NYC Fat Mixtapes. It was founded in 2001 and distributed mixtapes. Unfortunately, it was then hacked and was eventually destroyed at its very core. During this time, Q was having thoughts about pursuing other careers such as acting or  doing stand-up. But he halted those pursuits to re-brand and rebuild his site.


It seems that Q was destined for a much greater thing in the online universe. What rose from the ashes of his previous mixtape download website is the now infamous WorldstarHipHop which shifted from being a mixtapes to a video content provider.


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