50 Cent Shows Us What The Hotel Looks Like After An Event ..Groupies And More Groupies!

We all know “after the show its the after party, and after the party its the hotel lobby” but we’ve never really witnessed the scene – until now. 50 cent had his camera recording as he walked the halls of a hotel lobby after a recent show. In the footage you can see an endless parade of women strolling through the corridors. At one point fifty goes into a hotel room where he is greeted by Tony Yayo and inside the room there is no less than ten chicks hanging out. It really should come as no surprise that the lifestyle of an entertainer is filled with temptation. At another moment during the clip, 50 cent makes reference to Chris Brown having a whole ‘busload of bi*ches’. It’s plain to see how a man without strong willpower and commonsense could easily succumb to the perks of celebrity life.