What Is The Real Story Behind Raz B and Chris Stokes?



The Millennium Tour hasn’t even picked up any momentum and the controversy is already starting. B2K member Raz B (born DeMario Thornton) declared that he was pulling out of the tour over safety concerns, before doing an about face and agreeing to stick it out. The reason behind his decision to leave stemmed from decade old allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of former B2K manager Chris Stokes.


The allegations are startling and sick. Back in 2007, Raz B claimed Stokes touched him when he was a child, forced him to shower with the other members of the group, among other horrifying acts. Stokes went on record and denied the allegations stating the following

“I’m not gay. And I’m married. And I have four kids. I have been with my wife for 16 years. And I’m not a child molester. So those are all false allegations. I’m gonna sue them. And I owe that to my wife and kids, period. It’s ridiculous.”


However the rumors persisted over the years. It should come as no shock that Raz B would not want to be anywhere around Stokes while on tour. For now it seems that Raz B will continue on the tour but we doubt this saga is far from over. In today’s age of the #metoo movement, allegations are treated with much more validity than they were in the past. As of this writing Chris Stokes has not acknowledged the decades old allegations resurfacing. We will continue see how this story plays out…