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How Much Is Lil Wayne Worth? Find Out “Dwayne Carter, Jr.’s” Net Worth

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how Much Is Lil Wayne Worth

Lil Wayne


Date of Birth
September 27, 1982

Singer, Rapper, Record Producer, Actor, Model


5’6” / 1.68 meters


how Much Is Lil Wayne Worth


Lil Wayne Net Worth: $150 million


Since going solo in 1999, Lil Wayne is one of the most successful and powerful hip hop singers today. Despite being involved in a lot of controversies, Lil Wayne’s popularity was never affected.

Lil Wayne is a singer, music executive, and album producer that has reached a level of popularity some musicians dream of achieving. Lil Wayne, Dwayne Michael Carter in real life, was born to a 19-year-old mother in New Orleans. His father abandoned them when he was barely 2 years old.

He first tried his hand at writing rap when he was only 8 years-old. The following year Cash Money Records took him in as the other half of the B.G.’z duo. He became an instant hit as it was considered a novelty for a child to be doing gangster type rap. All through his childhood, he wanted to prove that he was not only a novelty and a gimmick. He dropped out of McMain Magnet School when he was 14, despite being a consistent honor student, to focus on his music.

At 15 years old, Wayne joined Cash Money Records’ Hot Boys, a rap group but soon released ‘The Block Hot,’ as a solo album. This album hit the Billboard charts at number 3 and went on to become a double platinum hit.

He became President of Cash Money Records’ in 2005 and created an imprint label called Young Money Entertainment. With Young Money Entertainment (YMCY) he brought hip hop back to musicians from well-known record labels. YMCY made him one of the richest rappers while also helping his fellow rappers.

Most of Wayne’s net worth comes from over 110 million albums and singles he has sold as well as 40 million digital singles. His shows, where he grosses more than $600,000 each night, also make a huge contribution.

Other sources of income that contributed to his vast wealth include concert tours, YouTube ad revenues, Trukfit clothing line, and his Mountain Dew endorsement. He has also guested in over 1,000 tracks.