How much more does Beyonce Earn Than Jay-Z?
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Who Is The Breadwinner Of Hip-Hop’s Royal Couple, Jay-Z Or Beyonce?

How much more does  Beyonce Earn Than Jay-Z?


When it comes to bringing home the bacon, both Jay-Z and Beyonce do one heck of a job. But you may be surprised to know that Destiny Child’s former lead singer brings home substantially more than her husband.


Recent reports detail that Jay and Beyonce raked in a combined $149.1 million  in 2017, but only $45.3 million of that money can be attributed to Jay-Z’s entertainment earnings.  That leaves a whopping $104.3 million that was earned by Beyonce. We wonder who picks up the tab when they dine out?


We recently reported on how Jay Z  surpassed Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs as hip hop’s wealthiest entertainer.  I guess we should have added a caveat that his $80 million increase in net-worth is due to “marital assets”.  Well played Sean, you definitely married wisely.