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Is This The Real Reason Logic Has Beef With Breakfast Club Host Charlamagne Tha God?

why is Logic mad at Charlamagne_Beef_examined

Logic dropped a new track titled “Clickbait” which has the world clicking to learn the reason for his disdain for radio host Charlamagne Tha God. The track was on Logic’s 5th album “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind” that was just released. But it’s Logic’s lyrics on his “Clickbait” song that caught Charlamagne’s attention. On the track Logic spits:


I don’t do the Breakfast Club ’cause Charlamagne is shameless
That’s the only one I leave out when I run my bases
Do your research ‘fore you call somebody homophobic
You make a living off of controversy and you know it

I ain’t that type of artist, respect my name and we can talk about it
I’d suck a dick just to prove it ain’t that way (Nigga, what?)
Ninety-nine percent don’t listen what I say (You gay)
Quote that line but leave out all the mental health


But why is Logic actually upset at Charlamagne? We think it may have something to do with an insensitive question that Tha God posed to Logic during a past visit to The Breakfast Club.

Charlamagne flippantly touched on a sensitive personal matter with callous disregard for how Logic might receive his question. I mean, who asks about the rape of a family member so casual? Keep in mind this is only our best guess as to why Logic doesn’t mess with Charlamagne. Logic’s actual lyrics make no mention of the above interview and instead allege Charlamagne may have called him “homophobic”, which Charlamagne denies.


Either way The Breakfast Club Host fell for the click-bait and addressed Logic and his lyrics in question on his Donkey Of The Day segment:



Charlamagne had the following to say about Logic:

“If you don’t know who Logic is, he’s the biracial rapper who looks like he can fix a computer. He sounds like he’s doing a bad impression of Kendrick and J. Cole and whatever other lyricist is hot at the time. Old Best Buy Geek-face boy named Bryson … Another quick thought about Logic … He’s only Hip Hop when it’s convenient. I see through his type. He just want to be considered to be black enough to say the n-word on his records. But he don’t really respect our culture like that. Logic is the same guy who said he didn’t want to rap long, he just wanted to rap long enough to get his acting career popping. I don’t think he’s ever really taken the culture seriously. I just think he panders to certain communities and gets his star up.” 


Does CTG have a point?

You can stream Logic’s Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind below: