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Is This The Real Reason Nicki Minaj Rescheduled Her North American Tour?

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Nicki Minaj will no longer be touring with Future in North America. Nicki released a video stating that because the album was pushed back 2 months she won’t have enough time to rehearse for the tour.



Nicki’s new US dates will start in May 2019 and Future has scheduling conflicts during that time. ON the other hand a source at Live Nation told the media that the real reason the tour is being rescheduled is because of lack of ticket sales.

“Nicki’s tour could be the most disappointing ticket sales of the year for any artist.”

The rep continued,

“These are big arenas with up to 20,000 capacities. Sales for opening night in Baltimore is 2,000, La is 3,400, New Orleans is 1,000, Denver 1,300 Chicago 3,900 and even her hometown New York is only 5,050.”


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