New Docs Show Will Smith’s Team Advised Him Not To Loan Duane Martin $1 Million For Home


Will smith named dragged into Duane Martin bankruptcy case
Will Smith saved Duane Martin’s home with $1.4 million loan


New court documents reveal that Will Smith had loaned good friend Duane Martin over $1 million to save his home from going into foreclosure. The documents show that Smith’s team was nervous about the “questionable structure of the transaction.” His team even went as far as calling it “chaotic” and a “PR nightmare.”


court docs show will smith team scared of $1million loan

Will smith helped out duane martin with $1 million loan


All was fine and well until  Duane and wife Tisha Campbell-Martin filed for bankruptcy and then divorced. The trustee in the  bankruptcy sued Duane because they believed he hid assets of $2.6 million under a company named Roxe LLC. Duane had done same shady business buying the home under the LLC and renting it to themselves with a sham lease but now he is being asked to turn over the home to the bankruptcy estate. Duane is also under investigation for fraud in this shady deal. All this adds up to Will Smith probably not getting his $1.4 million loan back from his friend.