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Woman Claims Flo Rida Refuses To See His Special Needs Child!?


Flo Rida Denies Baby with brain disease


Alexis Adams says that Flo Rida has turned his back on his biological 19 month old son because he has a rare brain disorder. The woman claims that at first the rapper denied the child was his but she then obtained a paternity test that proved it.


Alexis says, “Flo Rida has only seen his son once during the paternity test but kept his shades on and his back turned. They were in the same room. He didn’t try to hug Zohar, nothing. It was very cold.” She told a UK paper that he even called the boy “evil f**king child”.


Flo Rida Denies baby with brain disease


The woman who had a brief long distance relationship with Flo Rida says although he pays for son’s medical insurance and provides an undisclosed amount of child support each month, she doesn’t feel it is enough for a child with special needs. The young boy has already gone through several surgeries. She also says none of the rappers family has reached out to her.


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