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Woman Claims Lil Wayne Is The Father Of Her 15-Year-Old Son!


Woman Claims Lil Wayne Is The Father Of Her 15-Year-Old Son!1

It seems that Lil Wayne’s family may be getting an addition.  A woman named Keiotia Watson has surfaced with a claim that Weezy is her baby daddy. Per TMZ:

She claims in legal docs she had a sexual relationship with Wayne back in June 2001 and he got her pregnant. She says their son — named Dwayne, Weezy’s government name — was born in February 2002.

Watson went to court 2 years ago to establish paternity and get child support. A Louisiana judge ruled in her favor and ordered Wayne to fork over $5k a month, but he hasn’t paid a dime.

If he didn’t hit, they must acquit. No, seriously though Wayne sources say he hasn’t paid because he was never served with legal papers or notified he’s legally the father. Dude is gonna take a paternity test and if he’s the dad he’ll take full responsibility. For those of you keeping count Wayne already has 4 other children (3 sons and a daughter) with 4 different women. So at this point one more can’t break the bank.



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