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Woman Claims To Have Future’s 7th Child

Eliza Seraphin says she's had Future's baby

Eliza Seraphin has filed document in Broward County to have a paternity test done to prove that her baby girl’s father is rapper Future. The model says future left her high and dry after giving birth to his baby girl 4 months ago. If the documents prove that Future is the father, that will make 7 kids and 7 baby’s mothers for him.

Although Seraphin, known as Eliza Reign on social media, earns a decent living as an Instagram model, she is filing legal documents so that she can obtain child support from Future. She would like the payments to be retroactive and she is also asking that he help with her hospital bills. Two months ago, the Haitian beauty posted on her social media, “I don’t care how well I’m doing.. I still need that money you owe me!” She’s also said Future wasn’t there during her pregnancy, “there were times I felt so alone and would look down at my belly and immediately cheer up, knowing she’s hanging in there with me through all of the stress and drama.”


Future may have a 7th baby out there Woman wants child support from Future