YBN Almighty Jay Contemplates Almost Losing His Life On Instagram

YBN Almighty Jay feels blessed and wants the world to know it. The young artist made headlines worldwide after a vicious attack in NYC that left him battered, bruised and needing multiple stitches.

Since his attack, legendary Houston O.G. J. Prince has spoken out and there has been multiple back and forth on social media regarding Prince’s statement.

On the street level however the NYPD have actually been putting in real work. Zae Numbafive who is alleged to be one of Jay’s attackers, has been arrested along with several members of his Jack Boyz crew. They have been charged with attempted murder in an unrelated case for reportedly shooting at an off duty police officer.


As all of this is happening YBN Almighty Jay took to Instagram to post the following thought:

Almost lost my life. I’m protected by angels??


He posted the above reflection along with a photoshopped image of himself superimposed over Angel wings. It’s clear that he understands the severity of his attack and is just happy to be alive. Check out the photo below:

YBN Almighty Jay posts reflection about attack on Instagram