Rumor Report: YNW Melly’s A Schizophrenic Whose Alternate Personality ‘Melvin’ Commits Murder!?!


YNW Melly is currently fighting for his freedom. He has been charged with murdering his  YNW crew members Sakchaser and Juvy. He is also a suspect in the slaying of a police officer! The Florida rapper is in some deep sh*t but one of his fans has pointed out that Melly may have warned us.


The rumor circulating online is that YNW Melly’s violent alternate personality, “Melvin”, was out for blood. For proof, the investigating fan used Melly’s own body of work and interviews.


Check it out:









The theory (keep in mind this is only a fan’s theory) continues that ” Sakchaser and Juvy may have done something to Melly and Melvin didn’t like it. Melvin may have convinced himself that they were out to get him and his only way to get rid of them was to take over Melly and do it himself”

It makes for a good story but until we get a doctors diagnosis and all the facts come out – it’s ONLY a story.