Young Buck Threatens to “Burn” 50 Cent Career After New Trolling


50 Cent continued his attacks on former friend and G Unit member Young Buck. Ever since Buck spoke out saying 50 was preventing him from releasing new music and fulfilling his contract with 50’s label, 50 has been on the attack. 50 Cent had previously exposed Young Buck and his alleged relationship with a transgender woman.

Now that Young Buck finally has new music on the way, 50 helped promote him while also reminding people of his sexual preferences. 50 said in a now deleted social media post,  “I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine.”

young buck trolled by 50 cent again

Young Buck responded in a live video saying he has some serious dirt on 50 adding, “I thought you was 50 Cent… I thought you had some real n***a tendencies. You a real life sucka, n***a. If you such a real n***a, why don’t you let me go? You understand what I’m saying? And we’ll fight the battle like that.” he continued “Line me up like Ja Rule. Go bar-for-bar with me, n***a. Play that game, you scared?”