Young Thug Released From Jail

Young Thug violated his parole by failing a drug test but after 6 days in prison he pleaded with the judge and is now free again. Thugger really lucked out on this one. His original arrest was for drug and gun possession but generous judge reinstated his bond on the terms that Thugger submits to random drug tests twice a week and attends substance abuse counseling.

Young Thug’s lawyer told the media that the first 48 hours in prison took a toll on the Atlanta rapper and he refused to eat or drink anything as a self induced punishment. In the video below you can hear Young Thug tell the judge,  “I have two sons, ages 10 and 11. I don’t want them to think that going to jail — even if you can get out right away — is cool. I want to grow, and I have grown. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve been penalized for them. I’m sorry, and won’t disobey again.”